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Welcome to Sushi Loka!

Sushi and Juice Bar in Albuquerque, NM

Who We Are

Sushi Loka is a vibrant new restaurant located in the heart of the North Valley serving up amazing sushi rolls and saki in Albuquerque. We are the only Albuquerque sushi restaurant who offers fresh squeezed juices daily. A healthy eats motto and playful decor set the mood for a fun and invigorating dining experience. Something for everyone, Sushi Loka offers traditional sushi as well as imaginative specialty rolls along side hearty salads and delightfully refreshing smoothies. All prepared with the freshest ingredients right before your very eyes. Join us for breakfast, lunch or diner, Monday through Saturday. We’re positive that you’ll be glad you did.

Juice Bar

There are very few restaurants that offer vegan choices alongside Japanese cuisine like Sushi Loka. With so many vegan and vegetarian choices no one is left out. Try our revive liquid juice bar, it will have you feeling revitalized. If you are feeling sluggish and looking for the extra spring in your step try something from our ripe juice bar collective where everything is freshly squeezed, whether it be the “Awwwmazing Zing” or “The Cleaner,” it will have you skipping to your car and telling all your friends to come try out Sushi Loka.

Shakes & Smoothie Bar

Sushi Loka is a great restaurant for a quick lunch or a sit down dining experience with friends. We are one of the few Japanese restaurants in Albuquerque that offers a long list of vegan and vegetarian options perfect for someone who loves sushi and has a friend or family member who is vegan. Try our amazing salads topped with one of our special homemade salad dressings or you can opt for the long list of smoothies that we have to offer. You can get fruit smoothie or if you’re a health nut try our green smoothie. We also offer smoothies for kids that will get your kids wanting more and surely an easy way for them getting their fruit serving for the day.

The Best Sushi In Albuquerque

If you are looking for the best sushi in Albuquerque you have come to the right place, where you will find the highest quality of fresh fish. At Sushi Loka, we offer a delicious variety of Japanese sushi, sashimi, specialty rolls and sake in Albuquerque. Here at Sushi Loka, you will find so many tasty options to choose from where everything is made behind the counter, very quick and without sky high prices. Whether you are in the mood for a “Spicy Salmon Roll” or if you are in the mood try something different and like sweet and spicy try our “Firecracker Roll,” you will be satisfied and licking the plate clean. You will enjoy the open feeling of the restaurant with the comfort it brings and the modern touches.


Great prices for sushi and great blend of seasonings, texture, and taste. We knew everything was fresh and freshly made because we could watch the chef make our food. The wait time was reasonable and the staff and servers friendly. Nice laid-back atmosphere. We look forward to going back! - Courtney Palermo


Sushi Rolls & SidesSpecialty RollsSignature SaladsJuice Bar & Drinks


Sushi Rolls

6-8 Pieces Per Order

California Roll (crab, cucumber & avocado) $4.50

Spicy California Roll (spicy crab, cucumber & avocado) $4.50

Philadelphia Roll (smoked salmon, cream cheese & cucumber) $5.00

Spicy Salmon Roll (spicy salmon & cucumber) $5.50

Tuna Roll $3.50 


2 Pieces Per Order

Tuna (Maguro) $4.00

Salmon (Sake) $4.00

Yellowtail (hamachi) $4.00

Talapia (Izum Dai) $4.00

Fresh Water Eel (Unagi) $5.00

Crab (Ebi) $3.50

Shrimp (Kani) $4.00

Smelt Roe (Masago) $4.50


Mello Chicken Bowl

Teriyaki Chicken w/Rice & Veggies $7.50

Salmon Roll $3.50 

Yellowtail Roll $3.50 

Shrimp Roll $3.50 

Cucumber Roll $3.00 

Avocado Roll $3.00



6 Pieces

Tuna (Maguro) $8.00

Salmon (Sake) $8.00

Yellowtail (hamachi) $8.00

Talapia (Izum Dai) $8.00

Fresh Water Eel (Unagi) $8.00

Chirashi Bowl (Sushi rice topped w/tuna, salmon, crab, shrimp & cucumbers) $12.00

Side Dishes

Miso Soup $2.00 

Bowl of Rice $2.00 

Seaweed Salad $4.00

Squid Salad $5.00

Edamame $4.00

Sushi Loka Specialty Rolls

Sushi Loka (crab, cucumber & jalapeno roll topped w/yellowtail, ponzu, green onions & seasme seeds) $9.00

Tiger Roll (spicy tuna, shrimp & cucumber roll, topped w/eel, spicy mayo, eel sauce & sesame seeds) $8.00

Rainbow Roll (california roll topped w/tuna, salmon, talapia, shrimp & avocado) $9.00 

Alaskan Roll (california roll topped w/salmon & avocado) $8.00

Hawaiian Roll (california roll topped w/tuna & avocado) $9.00

Maryland Roll (california roll topped w/shrimp & avocado) $8.00

Dynamite (BAKED spicy crab & cream cheese roll topped w/spicy mayo, eel sauce, green onions & sesame seeds) $8.00

Caterpillar Roll (eel & cucumber roll topped w/avocado, eel sauce & sesame seeds) $10.00

Eejola Roll (spicy tuna & cream cheese roll topped w/tuna, spicy mayo, sriracha & masago) $9.00

Albuquerque Firecracker (spicy crab, avocado & cream cheese roll topped with spicy tuna, chili-oil, sriracha, tempura flakes, spicy mayo, eel sauce, wasabi-kiwi sauce, green onions, sesame seeds & masago) $10.00

North Valley Loka (crab, avocado & jalapeno roll topped w/salmon, chili-oil, wasabi-kiwi sauce & masago) $8.00

Drum Roll (tuna, salmon, talapia, crab & avocado rolled in cucumber, topped with ponzu sauce & masago) $8.00

Death By SNU SNU! (spicy california roll topped w/a mountain of spicy crab, shrimp, eel sauce, green onions & sesame seeds)

Signature Salads

The Loka (strawberries, seasonal berries, green apple, roasted sugared walnuts, romaine lettuce & feta cheese, topped w/our special Loka Vinaigrette) $10.50 

Santa Fe (avocado, tomato, corn, romaine lettuce, pepper jack cheese & fried onion crisps) $10.50

Rio Grande Caesar (chicken breast, cotija cheese, jalapeno, romaine lettuce & tortilla chips) $12.00 

Sandia Cobb (chicken breast, avocado, green apple, walnuts, beets, spinach, romaine lettuce & goat cheese) $12.00 

Veggie Powerhouse (broccoli, edamame, shredded carrots, sunflower seeds, walnuts, craisins, green apples, spinach & romaine lettuce) $11.00 

Cabo Goddess (chicken breast, avocado, tomato, cucumber, artichoke hearts, romaine lettuce & our signature Lemon-Lime Dressing) $12.00 

Albuquerque Asian (edamame, broccoli, shredded carrots, crispy chow mein noodles, roasted almonds, spinach & romaine lettuce) $11.00 

The Viking (chicken breast, avocado, tomato, cucumber, craisins, crumbled blue cheese, bacon bits & romaine lettuce) $11.00

Signature Dressings

Citrus Loka (house vinegarette w/lime)

Raspberry Loka (house vinegarette w/fresh raspberries)

The Loka (house vinegarette w/avocado, lime & cilantro)

Loka Ranch (our famous buttermilk ranch)

Create Your Own Bowl

Select 5 | Each Add On $0.50 | $7.00

(Fruits may vary by Season) Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Pineapple, Banana, Apple, Shredded Coconut, Gronala, Oatmeal, Almonds, Honey, Skim Milk, Almond Milk, Non-Fat Yogurt

The Babs -Oatmeal, blueberries, granola & almond drizzled w/honey $7.00

Oatmeal & Granola w/Honey $7.00 

Fruit Cup $2.00

Juice Bar & Drinks


12oz $4.00 | 16oz $5.00 | 20oz $6.00

Cabo Wabo (pineapple, banana, mango, orange, lemon & shredded coconut)

Mango Tango (mango, banana, non-fat yogurt & skim milk)

Blueberry Hill (blueberries, banana, non-fat yogurt & skim milk)

Rosie Special (carrot, kale, spinach, pineapple & banana)

Kitchen Sink (blueberries, banana, non-fat vanilla yogurt, vanilla protein, pasteurized egg whites, orange juice, vanilla almondmilk & a squeeze of honey)

Fresh Squeezed Raw Juices

12oz $5.00 | 16oz $.6.00 | 20oz $7.00

Dulcens’s Heart (apple, grapefruit, lemon, ginger & honey)

The Hulk (apple, celery, kale, cucumber, parsley & spinach)

Grapefruittie (grapefruit, apple & orange)

Just Beautiful (carrot, cucumber & celery)

Awwwmazing ZING! (apple, kale, lemon & ginger)

The Cleaner (celery, carrot, apple, beet & wheat grass)

Fred & Ginger (orange, ginger, carrot & honey)


Bottled Water $2.25 
IZZE $2.50 
Cabana Lemonades $3.00
Organo Gold Green Tea $2.00
Organo Gold Black Coffee $2.15
Organo Gold Latte Coffee $3.00
Organo Gold Mocha Coffee $3.00
Vita Coco $4.00
Acai Shot $1.75

Kick It Up A Notch

$0.85 Each

High Energy Blend
Super Green
Visalus Weight Loss Blend
Flax Seed
Immunity Blend
Whey or Soy Protein

Crush it Straight

12oz $5.00 | 16oz $.6.00 | 20oz $7.00



$0.50 each
Beet, kale, spinach, pineapple, melon, chi, lemon, honey, parsley, grapefruit

Single Wheat Grass Shot $1.75
Double Wheat Grass Shot $3.25



“Wonderful Restaurant For Lunch or Dinner” – Christina Baca

What’s New



Gekkeikan Original $7.00 carafe

Haiku  $9.00 glass  Bottle $30.00

Back & Gold  $10.00   Bottle $36.00

Nigori   $12.00 Bottle

Zipang   $12.00 Bottle

Ty Ku Coconut $12.00 carafe   $39.00 Bottle


Beringer White Zin $5.00 glass     Bottle $17.00

Pepi Chardonnay  $7.00 glass     Bottle $24.00

Sequin Moscato  $7.00 glass       Bottle $24.00

Rose n’ Blum Moscato   $7.00 glass   Bottle 24.00

Bogle Pinot Noir  $8.00 glass   $8.00  Bottle  $30.00

Red Diamond Melbec  $7.00   Bottle $26.00

Gekkeikan Kobai Plum   $6.00   Bottle $22.00


Beer and Rita’s

Budlight $3.75

Kirin Ichiban $ 8.00 22oz

Loka A Rita $4.00

Lima A Rita $4.00

Valintine’s Special Thursday, Friday, Saturday $25.00per Person


Pick one: glass of Wine, 1 carafe of Sake,  Crush it Straight Squeezed Juice

Appetizer Pick One: Miso Soup or Seaweed Salad


Pick One: EEEjolaa Roll, Albuquerque  Firecracker, North Valley Loka

Pick One: California Roll or Spicy California


Pick One: Green Tea Ice Cream, Cheesecake



“By far the best Albuquerque has to offer and the Staff is awesome and it’s affordable I love this place….” - Daniel Rivera



Contact Us

Albuquerque Sushi & Juice Bar


5700 4th St NW Suite A
Albuquerque, New Mexico 

Sunday -Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday-Thursday: 11 to 9 p.m.
Friday – Saturday 1030am to 10pm

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